What are the main base oil feed  stock of the soap purging that PSG sells?

These soap pieces/purgings are made up of either Tallow:PKO (Palm Kernel  Oil), or 100 vegetable oil (usually Palm Oil). We also distribute Synthetic cleansers which are not technically soap, but are Surfactants (examples include products similar to Dove, Ivory, Olay, etc)


What form does the soap scrap come in?

This material comes in a variety of forms including, lumps, flakes, fines, cones, billets, bars, noodles. Most often these products have  fragrance and color. (for visuals, see our products page)


How is the product packaged?

Depending on our suppliers, our products can be packaged in large corrugated Gaylord Boxes, or into Super-sacks which are then placed on pallets for shipping purposes. Each Gaylord and super-sack holds between 1500 – 1800 lbs of soap purgings.

Our soap powder/fines are packed into super-sacks, then put onto a pallet. On Average we can pack about 1500 lbs into a super-sack due to the density of the soap powder/fines being much lighter.


Soap Noodles

Soap noodles are packaged in 25kg polyvinyl bags, or for bulk orders in 1000kg super-sacks. They can be shipped on pallets or loose loading into containers or trucks.


How much material can be packed into a 20ft container or a 40ft container or a 53ft truck trailer?

These are average numbers and used only for rough calculations

20ft – Soap purge approx. 25,000lbs; Soap powder/fines approx. 20,000lbs

40ft – Soap purge approx. 44,000lbs; soap powder/fines approx. 31,000lbs

53ft trailer – soap purge approx. 42.000lbs; soap powder approx.31,200lbs

For our Chemical products, we can always load between 40,000-44,000lbs in 40ft and 32,000lbs in 20ft

We do not pack any materials into open top containers


Does PSG provide insurance for these products?

We can arrange to insure any product that we sell


How much product per month can PSG supply?

Quantities vary by product availability from month to month. PSG will happily enter into a long term arrangement to help companies secure their monthly requirements and decrease their supply chain risk which may affect production.