About Us

PSG Holdings Inc. is a North American based boutique commodities sourcing and distribution company.  We supply raw materials  and finished products to companies in the manufacturing, retail, hotel industries,  these  include amenities, detergents, surfactants, chemicals, resins.

We also work with industries to source, and offset waste stream products. Our goal is to help divert waste products from landfills and turn them back into usable consumer goods. We offer customized solutions to companies looking to import and export a wide variety of recyclable, virgin and overstock or off spec products all over the world.

PSG Holdings provides a unique and personable service to all our global customers.  We will help locate, secure, and distribute products that our customers are looking for.  We are specialists at sourcing difficult to find products.

Our clients span the globe from Canada, USA, the EU,  Middle East, Asia, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America.

Call one of our business development managers to see how PSG can help you expand your business.